About Nick


I am a seeker for truth, beauty and goodness. Throughout my life I have been exploring the common truths of religions/spiritual pathways.

I am a certified Louise Hay teacher/trainer as well as a practising hypnotherapist and life coach. Until recently I was at the helm of a community publishing business.

I am a licensed master practitioner of NLP having trained with creator Dr Richard Bandler and hypnotist Paul McKenna. I have attended more new age and spiritual seminars than some people have had hot dinners.

For many years I have been fascinated with the tarot oracle (“this perfect metaphor for life's journey”) and trained with numerous acclaimed teachers including Master of the Tarot Horobin and Richard Webster.

I consider myself well practised and experienced in the ancient art of tarot reading – a system which can reveal amazing insights into your character and can help you make plans for the future.

I would not be without the tarot as a powerful spiritual tool in my own life which I now use to help others. In addition to my extensive studies in the art, I have a vast collection of available literature on the subject.

My first career path was as a journalist working for local newspapers where I progressed to the post of managing editor of a series of free distribution weekly newspapers in Hampshire before starting my own community magazine publishing business.

I am also a professional magician and member of the prestigious Magic Circle.