Readings and Prices

The face to face reading:

Appointments at my consulting room at Aisha House, 66a St Johns Road, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire SO30 4AG

Consultations in your home

Readings at tarot parties.

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In a face to face reading which can occur in my consulting room, your home, a fair or party I encourage you to connect strongly with the cards.

The questioner sits opposite the reader. Both people maintain a serious attitude and concentrate on the question which could be spoken aloud.

The question could involve thinking about a new job, moving house or looking for insight when it comes to your love life. It can cover an important issue in your life.

The questioner shuffles and mixes the cards face down which creates a rapport between the subconscious mind and the cards. When the questioner is happy how the cards are mixed, he or she places the cards face down in three piles.

The reader then invites the questioner to take off cards for the reading. The reader will interpret the cards that are drawn and how they relate to one another in the spread. There might be significant connections between the cards.

The card spread can offer insights or spark further questions which can be discussed and explored.


You visit me at Aisha House,66a St Johns Road, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 4AG:

Face to face readings at my consulting room

£25 for half an hour

£10 for each 10 minutes after the first half hour.

(a reading would not normally last for more than one hour)

I visit you:

Home visits for one to one readings are charged at a minimum of £60 (one hour) which includes travel time and expenses for journeys within 30 miles of SO30 4AG. For journeys more than 30 miles a travel charge is negotiated. Further time after one hour is charged at £10 for each 15 minutes.

Method of payment: Cash on the meeting or prepaid bank transfer or paypal by arrangement.

The telephone or distant reading

When I hear the voice of the questioner, I clear my mind to focus solely on their voice and the cards. This heightens my insight into the caller.

What I say is: “I have the cards in my hand and I want you to focus your mind on them while I shuffle and mix them thoroughly for you. I want you to say your question aloud or at least keep it in your mind. Concentrate very hard on putting your thoughts into the cards”

“When you feel it is time for me to stop mixing do tell me and I will stop.”

When I have stopped shuffling, I then cut the pack into three.

I then ask the caller to pick which pile they would like me to take each card from.

Then just like in my face to face readings, we proceed to the interpretation. I encourage people to ask questions and talk as much as they like.

I have found that some people prefer telephone readings as it gives them anonymity, and they can be more open and receptive than at a face to face reading. The other advantage of a telephone Tarot card reading for some clients is that they do not have to leave the comfort of their own home which is helpful for those who are housebound or who live far away.


Telephone readings

£25 for half an hour

£10 for each 10 minutes after the first half hour.

(a reading would not normally last for more than one hour)

Method of payment: pre pay by bank transfer or use paypal

Email for details or call on +44 (0)7747 053489

Email readings:

You send me by e mail clear, concise and specific details to the life situation(s) you require answers for

It could cover love/relationships


Home/family etc

In addition to your questions and details of your life challenges please give me details of yourself including your date of birth, place of birth and, if possible, send a picture of yourself which I can focus on when I shuffle the cards.

Please note well: I will not do you the discourtesy of supplying you with a computer generated reading. The reading is done personally for you and I can inform you of the time it will be done so that you can connect with the reading and I can tune into your own energy.

Through thinking of you and your situation the energy is shuffled into the cards. Soon afterwards your reading will float into your inbox. It will be individual to you - totally unique.


£25 for a half hour reading (includes any extra time for e mailing the information across to you) This will usually cover up to two questions.

If you need additional time I charge £15 per extra question

Method of payment: prepaid by either bank transfer or paypal. Email me for details at

Corporate bookings

Corporate or private party bookings are charged at my rate of £60 per hour (minimum of two hours i.e. £120) which includes travel time and expenses for venues within a 30 mile radius of SO30 4AG. There is a negotiable charge for journeys more than 30 miles.

Method of payment: Cash on the event or prepaid by bank transfer or paypal by arrangement.


By placing an order for a reading or consultation you agree that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions and my legal disclaimer.

All tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should never be a substitute for legal, psychiatric, medical or other professional help/advice. I accept no liability for loss or damage arising from the use of any information contained within a reading. You must be 18 years of age to use this service.

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